Another Version of You


Another Version of You


Diggsy (Kris Wente) has always been in love with Suzette (Sara Antonio). After she marries another man, a mysterious stranger (Eddie George) offers him a gift: a key that supposedly opens doors into parallel universes where other versions of Suzette may not only exist but where one of them could possibly even love him back.

There's a catch: once he uses the key, he can't go back; he will forever leave everything he has ever known, including his sister Daphne (Brittany Belland). After some coaxing, Diggsy crosses through the first door as adventure grabs hold of him and refuses to let go. He meets Suzette after Suzette, most of them vastly different than the one he’s loved his entire life. Every door he passes through presents a new set of struggles, decisions, and challenges.

And to complicate things, he meets a woman very different than Suzette named Gwyneth (CJ Perry - WWE's Lana). Diggsy’s journey is filled with comedy, heartbreak, adventure, and a heavy dose of fish out of water.


Fantasy | Romance | Adventure


CJ "Lana" Perry
Kristopher Wente
Sara Antonio
Brittany Belland
Miroslav "Rusev" Barnyashev
Eddie George
Alan Powell
Travis Nicholson
Renee Lovit
Annie Kearney
Susannah Devereux
Samantha L Thomas

Run Time

96 mins.

Directed By

Motke Dapp

Screenplay By

Motke Dapp

Produced By

David Perry
Ryan Hartsock
Motke Dapp


Screen Critix

"A great movie with a great cast, Another Version Of You should be held up like a beacon as to what independent film making is all about."

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UK Film Review

"One of the best indie comedies of the year..."

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One Film Fan

"Another Version Of You is an intriguing, amusing, convincing, and enchanting indie film..."

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Film Threat

"Motke Dapp proves is old stories can be reinvigorated in exciting and ingenious ways, especially when you don’t have the money for over-the-top sci-fi effects. It requires work and risk, and Dapp’s hard work and risk-taking pay off."

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"Wente’s portrayal of Diggsy is so layered, that with each scene, we walk alongside the character even more. His heart and his vulnerability are beautiful to watch..."

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